Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Last weekend's crop of photos, part 2

From the fish day festival we drove to Hrafnagil, near Akureyri, to attend a big handicraft and agricultural show. As before, these are only thumbnails.

Once we entered the show area, we heard roosters crowing in the distance and went to look. There was a long row of cages with hens and roosters, all belonging to the lovely and colourful Icelandic breed, and in fact there was a beauty contest going on. Unfortunately all the rooster photos I took were out of focus, but here are a couple of hens:



Among the other animales were goats, sheep and a sulky mare with a foal.
The foal was a lot friendlier than mom:

This mountain king seemed at ease in his pen, and loved to get scratched between his horns:


Colourful dyed wool:


A couple of interesting sculptures:



An interesting guitar-sculpture:


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