Friday, August 04, 2006

Mount Esja

The Esja is a small mountain range just across the bay from Reykjavík. The people of Reykjavík, especially those who are born and bred here, love the Esja with a passion. If you say anything less than complimentary about it, they get annoyed, even angry. I happen to have grown up near a much shapelier mountain (everyone loves their mountain best, I guess) the beauty of which was acknowleged but never talked of (we just knew it was beautiful, no need to discuss it), so I find this gushing admiration rather strange. I attribute it to the same kind of inferiority feeling that prompts many Icelanders to ask foreigners who are barely out of the airport how they like Iceland. Esjan is a nice, pretty mountain, but no more than that. It is shown here with one of our Coast Guard ships in the foreground.

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j macam said...

your photos made me cry. not because of sadness but of joy. too distant but i know there were people out there who wanted to reach out.and you are one of them. and youre efforts has made us closer to each other. if only the whole world would think of beauty it is only then that war and violence will vanish forever


Bibliophile said...

Thank you.