Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The pros and cons of being digital

What I love the most about having a digital camera is this:

1) you know right away how the photo turned out so you can take more if it didn't turn out good,
2) there is no need for expensive film developing (and it is expensive here), and
3) you can get a lot more photos on a memory card than you can on a film (that is, if you were sensible and got something better than the puny card that comes with the camera, and even that takes more than a film if you set the camera to take lower-quality photos).

The downside to my particular digital camera is that it is not good for taking a series of flash photos. The flash takes several seconds to load, whereas even my 20 year old fixed focus piece of junk only takes about a second or so. Even single-use film cameras load faster. Indoor photos also turn out grainier than film would. After having missed the kiss at a wedding ceremony recently because the damn flash was still loading after the ring photo I have promised myself that next time I attend such an important ceremony indoors I will take my trusty old Canon Elan and an extra flash.

Today's photo really has nothing to do with the subject, except it was taken with my digital camera and I happen to like it:

Grótta lighthouse

The Grótta lighthouse, seen earlier in this blog in a sunset photo.

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