Friday, October 06, 2006

Strokkur in action

Strokkur sequence, originally uploaded by Netla.

One of my favourite features on my digital camera is the ability to take a sequence of photographs by holding down the shutter, an invaluable feature when shooting action photos. I was always very careful not to use that feature much on my Nikon film camera, as it was easy to shoot a whole film in the space of about 15 seconds with perhaps only a couple of useable photos. With a digicam all you have to worry about is filling up the memory card, which is not a problem because you then just go and erase the duds.

On a recent visit to the Geysir area I shot three different sequences of Strokkur erupting. This composite has samples from all three sequences (thanks to fd's flickr toys). As you can see from the third photo I was standing much too close to the geyser to get in a whole large eruption.

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