Wednesday, December 06, 2006

18 days to Christmas

Last night I did battle with a string of lights, and lost. I have two strings of coloured lights that I have hung in my living room window for the last several Christmases. Each has 50 lights and they are looong. I have not been able to bring myself to put up hooks in the window frame, so I always hang them with suction hooks that I attach to the window glass. This time the suction cups would not catch, and the whole thing fell down again and again and when I plugged it in to check the damage, about 10 bulbs were out. Not good, because the strings were bought in the USA and then re-wired in such a way that I could plug them straight in without using a current adapter (you wire two equally long strings of lights together in a special way). I got those lights at a Dollar store many years ago and they have lasted...and lasted...and lasted beyond all expectation. But now I only have one useable one, since you can’t get replacement bulbs here. Oh well, it gives me a perfect excuse for buying new Christmas lights...

Here is a simple and tasteful Christmas window decoration:

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