Wednesday, June 03, 2009


On May 20th I hiked up to this waterfall with three of my friends. The waterfall is called Helgufoss and is in the Kaldakvísl river in Mosfellsdalur, just outside Reykjavík. It is believed to be named after a woman from one of the Icelandic Sagas.

It's about an hour's hike to get there, starting at Gljúfrasteinn and following the river, or you can drive a little further up the road and park the car and walk for about 5 minutes, which is fine if you want to have a picnic but not much good as exercise.



Guy said...

Beautiful shots of the lighthouse. I've been there couple of days ago and took some pics myself, sadly the weather wasn't as good as I hoped it will be, but I did managed to take few good shots around 11:30pm.

Bibliophile said...

Thanks. I hope you can go back another time and get good shots. It's a very picturesque location for a lighthouse.