Monday, July 06, 2009


I took a week recently to travel around Iceland. The trip was mostly made along highway no. 1, the Ring Road, but with excursions off it whenever I knew of something interesting to explore. I am not going to present the photos from the trip in time sequence, but will be posting them willy-nilly. This is the first of several waterfall photos you will see here in the coming days and weeks. This waterfall is located in Þjórsárdalur near Búrfellsvirkjun and the Þjóðveldisbær, which is an attempt at reconstructing a medieval Icelandic farmhouse. The ruins of the original house are nearby and well worth seeing as well.

The name of the waterfall translate as "help falls".



Guy said...

Iceland should be called "The land of the waterfalls", Fossland?

Bibliophile said...

Hehe, Fossland or Fossaland would suit Iceland just fine.