Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More from the Skógar museum

The museum at Skógar is actually several museums rolled into one. One corner of the basement area contains a small natural history collection, mostly birds, both stuffed and skeletal. Then there is this small collection of unusual sheep:

These four-horned sheep are not hugely uncommon in Iceland and some farmers breed them. I have seen them with three, four and five horns, but four seems to be the most common number.

Unusual horn placement.

We now move into freak-show territory:


MiriamR said...

that last one is super creepy. Is it real?

Bibliophile said...

Yes. It's one of those anomalies of nature that sometimes occur. Two-headed animals tend not to live for long, but this lamb was big enough to have lived at least a couple of weeks, maybe longer.
The creepiest part of the museum was the skeletons - not the bones themselves, but the cheerful comments by the guy who donated them as to how the animals died and which insects helped clean the bones.