Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bad day at work

...or rather a really bad day.

I am about to join the ranks of the unemployed. It sucks.

I am losing my job because a small group of fat cats played Monopoly with the country's biggest corporations, using a lot of money that seems to have only existed on paper, lost big and collapsed the economy. Because the government I helped elect into power is gormless, spineless, and heartless. Because they are making the public sector cut down, down, down, not just where it is necessary, but also where there is hardly anything to cut down except staff, and in the case of my workplace it's staff they can hardly afford to miss. I am laid off, I think, because I am the most "expensive" of the three people trained to do the job I do, i.e. I have worked there the longest and have the highest salary, and also because I am overqualified so they think it will be easier for me to find a new job than the others, only one of whom has a university degree, and that not as far advanced as mine.

I am the only one of the three who doesn't have a spouse to support me while I am looking for a new job.
I don't have children, so I don't take off children's sick days as well as my own.
I get people who have worked there far longer than I have coming to me for help with certain tasks.
I trained all of the people who will be dividing my job between them.
I am the fastest worker among the four of us.

But they needed to cut down on expenses as much as possible, so they laid off two non-managerial staff members who have been here longer than the other people who have training to take over their jobs, so out we go.

I have been asked, nicely, to stay out my period of notice, which is until the end of December, but as they still have to pay me whether I work or not, I am out of there at the end of this week. I have no intention of making this easy or cheap for them, but I will do it within what the law and my employment agreement allow, because I do want to leave here with a good letter of reference. Tomorrow I am making an appointment with my union representative to discuss my options.

Stay tuned, the saga will continue...


Anonymous said...

That is really terrible news. Seems like the organization is going to really feel the loss of expertise.

Bibliophile said...

I do hope they will.

MattBbg said...

Even I don't know you in person, but I am very sorry for the happening.
I hope in the end it will turn out good to you!
All over Europe it is the same. They made money money money and today? Where is all that money gone? Sometimes I really can't understand...

I wish you the very very best! Be strong and take care.

Best regards from the continent

Rose said...

I am so very sorry. I am catching up on blogs I like--extra time due to "snow days" (a concept which would surely make you laugh). Anyway, I just learned this news. So many people are hurt by the mess the economy is in, and I'm sorry you are one of them.