Thursday, October 01, 2009

The unemployment saga continues

I had a bad night, tossing and turning, too hot under the duvet, too cold with even just my arms outside, buzzing in my ears, irregular heartbeat, nausea, resulting in a numb headache today. I guess it's the shock. I caught one REM cycle in the early hours of the morning, which seems to have been enough to energise me for another day.

I managed to get a lot done this morning: cleaned up my personal files from the computer, sent everyone on my personal e-mail list my new e-mail address, cleared away half of my personal belongings, and got a little bit of work done before I started feeling sleepy and went home. What remains is to clean up my bookmarks in the browser, finish the work left on my soon-to-be-ex desk, have a chat with my department manager, and go to the farewell pissup and bowling match.

Yep, that's right: we do know how to say goodbye to departing employees. The bowling match is an annual event, and was combined this year with a farewell pissup for two others who are leaving of their own free will, but now they will be saying goodbye to four of us.

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