Saturday, April 10, 2010

Café - Kaffihúsið

Barista Lavazza is a popular chain of coffee houses in India. Originally an Indian chain, it is now owned by the Italian company Lavazza. When you order coffee there, they will ask you whether you prefer Indian or Italian coffee. Being a complete and utter non-expert on coffee, I couldn't tell the difference.

Whenever I felt in need of air-conditioning and a cool drink in India, I would look first for either a Barista or a Café Coffee Day (Barista's main rival), or if I couldn't find one fast enough, for an outlet of one of the international fast food chains.

Note the mock Tudor upper floor.


Þessi kaffihúsakeðja og keppinauturinn, Café Coffee Day, eru út um allt á Indlandi. Þar getur maður ávallt stólað á gott úrval heitra og kaldra drykkja, hrein klósett og loftkælingu.

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