Saturday, April 24, 2010

Is it supposed to be Gandhi?

This baffling statue stands outside the Shimla State Museum. Photography is forbidden inside, so this is my only photo relating to it. The most interesting objects on display inside are a fine collection of miniature paintings. The rest is a bit of a hodge-podge, although the coin collection should be of interest to collectors and the costumed dolls are worth a look for someone interested in ethnic costume.

I wondered if this was supposed to be a representation of Mahatma Gandhi, since it has a slight resemblance to him, but the glasses are missing, so I can't be sure. Whoever this is supposed to be, I'm sure he didn't deserve to be buried up to his chest in a block of concrete.


Ég veit ekki hvort þetta á að vera Gandhi, en mér sýnist að á einhverjum tímapunkti hafi peningarnir klárast og styttunni ekki verið lokið. Maður fær sama fílinginn og við að sjá styttuna í vesturbæ Reykjavíkur þar sem maðurinn virðist vera sokkinn upp að hnjám í steinsteypublokk.

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LumousP said...

Dunno who he is supposed to be, but it isnt Gandhi for sure. the missing glasses, the hair, relatively 'fuller' body, no walking stick or charka. maybe part of some local iconography.