Monday, June 27, 2011

Back to posting random photos, and see my latest toy

The India photo tour is now over, so back I go to posting photos from Iceland and other places more or less randomly. I have been going through the photos I have uploaded to Photobucket over the years and checking the list against my blogs, and I have found a number of orphaned photos that I have never posted anywhere. Here‘s one:
Female mallards fuzzing around a domestic duck like servants around a princess.

By the way, meet my new camera:

Ever since my small digital camera started burning through batteries like there was a prize involved for most energy consumed, I had been thinking of taking the plunge and buying a DSLR. The cost of home ownership keeps decimating my savings fund (5 expensive repairs in the last 7 years, and one more coming up), so I was planning to buy one of the cheaper DSLR models.

For my last two birthdays and one Christmas I have asked my relatives to give me money which went straight into a camera fund. I figured I wold buy a nice basic amateur level DSLR, but then my grandmother died and my mother generously shared part of her inheritance with me and my brother, earmarking the money for my camera fund.

The week after my last birthday I took a look at the fund and at my savings, and realised I had enough to buy a semi-professional camera and a kit lens and still have money left over to pay for the upcoming house repairs. A thorough web search of camera review sites narrowed it down to three cameras: the Nikon D7000, the Canon EOS 60D and the Canon 7D. I am not going into why I chose the Nikon, but will let it suffice to say I am happy with it and still learning how to use it. The manual is over 300 pages long, and I am on page 119.

This makes my camera family officially a collection. I now have one DSLR, three SLRs (one completely manual, one manual with an autowinder, and one autofocus) and a collection of lenses, two smaller digital cameras and at least three fixed-focus cameras (including a Kodak Brownie I have never used).

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