Friday, June 03, 2011

Coorg: Dubare Elephant Camp VIII

Finally the mahouts decided the elephants has been scrubbed enough. A single command was enough to make this elephant lift its leg to aid the mahout in getting on its back.

I didn't see any of the mahouts beating the elephants like I saw when I went on an elephant safari in Kanha National Park in the 1990s, but I don't know what happens on the safaris in Dubare. I hope that violence is not used. These lovely animals deserve better.

Most of all I would like to see all Indian elephants being allowed their freedom, but human habitation encroaches more and more on their habitat as the Homo sapiens population grows and conflicts between humans and elephants are becoming more common. It may well be that in a not too distant future, places like Dubare will have become the last refuge of elephants in India, although I should like to hope that they have a brighter future ahead than that.


Rajan P. Parrikar said...

The chances are higher of Dubare turning into a concrete jungle with ugly third-world quality apartment. You give Indians a good place and they will turn it into a slum in a trice. Take the example of Pune and Bangalore - nit long ago very livable towns, but today unpleasant toilets. Even my hometown of Goa hasn't been spared. What the Portuguese could not do in 450 years, Indians did in just 15.

¿Por qué Chile? said...

Amazing animals - it's a shame they don't wonder around like stray cats.

What's that noise?
Just a few elephants looking through the rubbish bins.