Friday, June 24, 2011

Mysore: Sleeping in the street

You see scenes like this everywhere in India. This man was unusually well-dressed for someone sleeping in the street.


Rajan P. Parrikar said...

He is most likely from a rural area visiting the big city, and didn't have the money for a room at the hotel. You did the sensitive thing by not showing his face.

Aside (and this doesn't apply to you, needless to add: Many Westerners love "poverty porn." Julia Roberts would have told us about the glow and joy she saw in the faces of the poor (Madame Julia would never ever think of exchanging her cushy life for this "glow and joy" even for a day).

Bibliophile said...

That could be one explanation. My thought was that perhaps he works in the city but lives far away and was taking a short afternoon nap before going back to work.

As for poverty porn (and indeed all minds of misery porn), the World Press Photo exhibition is in town, and taken out of the context of the media they originally appeared in many of those images do indeed have a somewhat porny effect. Vicarious suffering, get it while you can.

Rajan P. Parrikar said...

The thought about him taking a siesta did cross my mind - I noticed (from the shadows) that it was probably mid-afternoon.

I would have loved to suffer vicariously, but I leave KEF en route to Goa on Monday. But I will try to detour to Reykjavík before I get to KEF. Tomorrow we will attempt a foray once again into the Highlands (too bad many of the routes we wanted to take are not yet open). But then, one has to make lemonade with the lemons one is dealt.