Saturday, August 06, 2011

Gay Pride 2011, part 1

I have just returned from the Reykjavík Gay Pride parade, and here are some photos I took, of the parade, the participants and the audience. 

Here the flag bearers arrive holding the rainbow flags aloft:

I wonder if this would have been allowed if McCain had won the election?

This couple gracefully danced along the street:

These gentlemen looked as if they should have been riding something more glamorous:

The rainbow flag casting a multi-hued shadow on the street:

The balloon "worm" is a regular participant in the show:

These angelic young ladies rode a float with the message "Everyone gets to Heaven", a reminder that the parade isn't just about fun and glamour, it's also about human rights, including the right not to be told you are going to go to Hell because you love someone of the same sex.

These signs show the year in which important steps were taken in Iceland towards equal rights for lesbians and gays:

Continued tomorrow.

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