Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Layout change

This blog has changed direction a bit since I first started posting on it and has become almost exclusively a photoblog. In the interest of showing the photos to better advantage I decided to remove the sidebar altogether, as it tends to overlap with the larger photos I post when viewed on a small screen. The information previously posted in the sidebar (monthly archive, labels and the followers list) is now at the bottom of the blog. Additionally, I switched to cloud view for the labels and the archive is now in a drop-down menu.

I wanted to make the main area of the blog - the posts themselves - wider so I can post larger photos. I enlarged the photo in the last post to its full size so you can see the difference. The larger photos will not all start posting right away - I have the blog pretty much planned out until the end of the year with automatic posting set up and uploading larger versions of the photos would simply be too much work - but little by little you will begin to see larger photos, although not as large as the one below because I want them to be visible in whole on an average laptop screen.

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