Friday, October 14, 2011

Playing with HDR

Technical information:
I processed the following HDR images with a trial edition of Photomatix. Some were made from up to three separate images with different exposures, while others were faked by taking one image and imitating over- and underexposure in Photoshop before tonemapping.

Camera: Canon PowerShot A430.

About the location and photos:
The farm in the photos is situated right by Highway 1 in Borgarfjörður, not far from Bifröst. The main house appears to be used as a summer-house, but the outbuildings and the old farm-house in the first photo are in a state of decay. Some time or other I will stop by again on one of my trips between north and south and try to get similar photos, a) in summer and b), with dramatic clouds. I think this house could be made to look extremely creepy with dark, brooding clouds in the background.

This is an old concrete trough that was used for dipping sheep:

Piping of some kind, now used as an end-post for a fence:

An ancient easy-chair, now decayed and almost skeletal:

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