Monday, October 31, 2011

Reykjanesskagi panorama III

Technical information: The three panoramas in this series form one big panorama, not quite 360° because I left out the portion with the sun in it. I was unable to put them all together in one very wide panorama due to technical reasons (i.e. they came out banana shaped). However, I think each can be enjoyed on its own. Each photo is stitched together from three images, using Canon PhotoStitch 3.1.

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The previous two photos were posted last Monday and the Monday before that.

Photo text:
This image fits to the left of the one I posted last Monday. The triangular mountain Keilir is a small volcanic cone, situated not far from Reykjavík and clearly visible from there. It can be reached by taking a very bad gravel road through the lava fields and then hiking up to the mountain along a path that winds through the lava field. The hike up the mountain is steep and gravelly but even out of shape persons like myself can do it without overstraining themselves.

I was actually photographing the clouds, but the feeling of emptiness issuing from the moss-covered lava field is incredible and I wanted to show that as well. One stitch is rather obvius, but I felt it was necessary to put it together like this to show the lava field and the cloudscape in relation to the mountain. BTW, the horizon is this shape not because of the stitching (which sometimes turns straight lines into banana shapes) but because I was standing on top of a small hill, higher than the lava flow.

Digital photo, Canon PowerShot A430

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