Sunday, October 09, 2011


After I got my Canon PowerShot A430, which has a very good macro program, I went through what I call my "Georgia O'Keeffe flower period", producing shot after close-up shot of flowers in bloom.

No flower was safe. I photographed everything from the humble daisy to the showy rhododendron. Some I was happy with as they were, while others I processed in various ways in Photoshop. I haven't posted many of these shots here up to now, since I have tended to post my art photos on flickr, but it occurred to me that they fit perfectly under the "etc." category. Since winter is here and it's cold and the flowers have all either died or stopped blossoming, I decided to add a bit of colour to the blog by posting a weekly flower photo until I run out of them. Some are sensuous close-ups like the one below, while others are taken from farther away and meant to show the shape and colours of the flowers.

Digital photo, Canon PowerShot A430

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