Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hvalfjörður, 2

You find all sorts of nice surprises on nature hikes. In Hvalfjörður a lot of the shoreline is made up of cliffs with small beaches at their base, so you don't see the actual beach when driving past. The last time I did this particular hike (going in the other direction) I was about 12, and the only thing I remembered about it was an incident and not the landscape itself.

My grandmother had taken me on a "Mountain and Beach" hike with a local travel club, and they clearly either hadn't planned things right or we were running late. Either way, we found the tide coming in as we were walking along the beach and at one point we needed to pass a cliff that jutted out into the rising sea. I went first, and waded across into the next cove, arriving with my rubber boots full of sea water, and my grandmother followed, furious with me for doing it, because the rest of the group had decided to turn back and climb up and finish the hike up on drier land. I think gran was embarrassed more than frightened for my safety, to tell the truth. In any case, we made it safely to Hvalfjarðarnes and met the rest of the group.

The rock stack in the photo below was one of the things I didn't remember from that long-ago hike, and so took me by surprise. Here it has taken on an orange tint from the settling sun:

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