Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Buried (almost) in snow

The winters when I was a child and teenager seemed both longer and snowier than they do now. 

When snow collects in drifts rather than builds up evenly, it can produce strange results. Here, a house was partially buried up to the eaves, while you can still see a patch of withered grass in the garden.

From my scanned photos.

Here is what we woke up to one December morning when I was in my teens. Someone hadn't closed the door properly, so that when the snow started building up outside, the door was pushed open little by little. Fortunately is only opened a tiny bit, and that only happened when the snow had got very high. 

To get out, we used the dustpan to dig an opening at the top. Then my father got up on a chair and dived out and dug us out from the outside. 

Another winter one of the houses in another part of the town that usually doesn't see such heavy snowdrifts disappeared completely under snow and the woman living there had to be dug out. She moved to Reykjavík the next summer, saying that she never wanted to live through another winter up north.

From my scanned photos.

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