Thursday, December 29, 2011


On Christmas Eve after lunch our family (that is to say my parents, my brother and myself) go on two visits. First we visit the graves of my paternal great-grandparents, the only ones of our close relatives buried near where we live. This is to remember and honour their memories at this time when it is important to us for the family to be together. We leave a branch of evergreen on the grave much as we would do with flowers in the summer.

The second visit is to our horses. We go to see them and give them their Christmas feed and some bread, which they really love. This time, one of them needed to have his hooves looked at, so we brought a halter to hold him while my father tended to his hooves. Here he stands patiently on three legs while dad looks at one of his front hooves. At this point it was too dark to take photos without a flash:

It was getting rapidly more light as they worked, and the next photo could be taken without a flash. 
Here he is listening very intently to what is happening behind him as both my father and brother work on one of his rear hooves:

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