Friday, December 02, 2011


Kálfshamarsvík ('Calf's Cliff Cove') is a cove on the western side of the Skagi peninsula in northern Iceland, about 20-30 minutes drive from Skagaströnd. It is known for its beautiful basalt columns and well worth a stop if you are interested in geology or beautiful nature - although in weather like this it doesn't look very welcoming..

It used to be a fishing centre and the ruins of several sod houses are scattered over the area, most marked with plagues. These snapshots were taken one very cold December a few years ago. If the weather allows, I may go there this December to do more winter photography.

The top photo shows the Kálfshamar or "Calf's Cliff" seen from across the cove. It is a magnificent example of hexagonal columns. Such columns are found all along the shore of the small headland opposite the cliff. Just walk in the direction of the lighthouse and you can't miss them.

These columns jut out into the sea just below the lighthouse:

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