Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Yule Calendar: 10 days to go

About 15 years ago I lived in a small basement apartment in an old house situated on the corner of two very busy streets in Reykjavík - in fact I would guess that the intersection was one of the busiest in the city until the authorities built a thoroughfare that cuts through where the car dealership across the street used to be. Every year the car dealership would set up a large Christmas tree. Here you can see it as it looked one December night just before the holidays. The haze is caused by blurred snowflakes:

From my scanned photos. Long exposure on film.

Here is the intersection itself. Because it's a long exposure, only the stopped cars are visible, the others appearing as white streaks of light. You can see an ambulance on the right. Since one of the streets is the shortest route for both the ambulance service and the fire-brigade to get to downtown Reykjavík, it could get quite noisy, with sirens blaring at any time of day or night. Living there, you either quickly learned to ignore the noise, or you went slowly crazy.
From my scanned photo. Long exposure on film.

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