Friday, January 13, 2012

Hallgrímskirkja at night

One night just before Yule I spent a couple of hours out in the frost shooting the festive lights in the centre of Reykjavík (see some of my December shots, e.g. of Austurvöllur). On my way home I decided to snap some photos of Hallgrímskirkja and therefore took a route through the Þingholt neighbourhood that lead straight to the church, and came upon a make-shift police check-point. The police were stopping every car and breathalysing every driver going past the church. I, of course, passed the test and drove into the church parking lot, went out with my gear and started taking photos. However, I got stopped again coming out of the parking lot (no more inebriated than I was going in), and although it was only around 10 p.m., the officer who stopped me told me they had already caught several drunk drivers. What it is that makes people think it's okay to drink and drive is beyond my understanding.

As for the photo, it was taken from the middle of the Skólavörðustígur to get a perfectly centered view, and I therefore had to rely on autofocus for speed, as I didn't want to hold up the traffic while standing and fiddling with the focus ring. As you can see, the AF wasn't quite working due to the darkness. Some night when I can count on there not being much traffic, I'm going back there to try to get a sharply focused shot.

The orange cast in the sky is light pollution - I could Photoshop it away but the church wouldn't look quite as spooky without it.

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