Saturday, January 28, 2012

The lava settlement , part I

Drive past Straumur and continue along the narrow gravel road into the lava field beyond and you enter a crumbling but rather charming tiny settlement of little houses spread over a considerable area. Some are the long-abandoned abodes of small-scale tenant farmers and fishermen, while others are summer houses, some of them once farm houses.

I don't know the name of this place is (or was), but it is the largest house I saw in the area. It looks like a barn, but but a peep inside revealed that it appears to have been lived in.

Here the sun glints off a remaining shard of glass in a window frame:

Coming up the slope towards the house, it looks quite imposing. 
When I looked at this photo I immediately decided that I would have to come back some day when there are brooding clouds in the sky and take some photos for an HDR treatment.

Seen from the south side:

A look inside reveals what must have been the living room:

This rusty old radiator would make a excellent focus point for an HDR photo:

Both the toilet and the piece of children's furniture look too modern to belong in this place, so I am guessing it may have been used as a summer house at some point, or possibly someone disposed of these things in there:

Outside this old chassis, probably of a lorry or a small truck, with engine still attached, lies rusting into the ground:

Series continues next Friday.

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