Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Testing the phone camera

Last Friday I had a chance to test the 'Night' and 'Firework' programs that come with the camera in my new phone, and was rather amazed at the quality of the exposures. Mind you, they aren't great photos by any stretch - you can only do so much, especially at night, at slow speeds with a hand-held camera with fixed focus and no flash  - but they really are better than I expected after my previous experiences of using an early model digital camera with a low megapixel count.The results are wonderfully grungy, reminiscent of what you might get from an old-fashioned point-and-shoot film camera, e.g. a Kodak Brownie, under the same conditions:

Here are some examples. 
First a picture of my friend's daughter playing with a sparkler, followed by a couple of fireworks shots.
All were taken using the Firework program:

Frame added using Snapbucket

This one was taken using the Night program:

Although the focus is (euphemistically) soft, the exposure is pretty good considering the lack of flash

And here is a copy of the same image after I ran it through Snapbucket and added a Lomo filter, purple glitter, a vignette and a frame. Somehow the bad focus doesn't seem to matter any more...

I can see now that the purple glitter was a mistake...

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