Thursday, February 09, 2012

The Blue Lagoon, part IV

If you want to visit the Blue Lagoon but don't feel like having a spa treatment or going for a soak in the pool, you can go for a walk instead. The photos I posted during the previous three days didn't cost me a single króna. You can enter the spa building and walk around, and I especially recommend the rooftop viewing platform from where I took some of the overview shots. It is accessed by going up the stairs by the lava wall in the restaurant and out the door on the left when you get to the top. There you will find an outside staircase that leads up to the roof.

There is also a path that leads along part of the pool. The pool is getting bigger every year and in fact sometimes threatens to flow over the road. Parts of it aren't used for swimming in, but you can walk along the banks and enjoy the view. The following photos were taken on a walk along this path. I'm planning to go back in the summer to take some shots for contrast.
There was another photographer there at the same time:

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