Saturday, February 11, 2012

Neo-gothic architecture

Landakotskirkja, the Catholic church in Reykjavík, is an imposing neo-gothic structure, designed by Guðjón Samúelsson, who also designed Hallgrímskirkja, Akureyrarkirkja, the original University building and the National Theatre.

I used a wide-angle lens setting to shoot this from relatively close up, which causes parallax error to make the tower look like it's just beginning to rear up and back. I tried several different white balance settings and all of them gave me a heavy colour cast, so I ended up by desaturating it to black-and-white.

Once I had uploaded it, I though of a possible crop that might be better for it and since I was at work and didn't want to forget what I wanted to try, I sacrificed a coffee break to do a bit of online editing. I went to Pixlr, a website that offers some basic online photo editing, and applied the crop. As may be seen from the cropped version (second photo), the process changed a little bit more than just the shape of the photo - some detail was also lost and the church took on a colder while tint and the sky took on an ever so slight grayish tinge, but not so that you would notice it if the photos weren't shown together.

What I would like is for you to tell me which crop you prefer. 

Technical information:
Camera: NIKON D7000
Date/Time: 2012:01:01 20:56:27

Focal Length: 18.0mm (35mm equivalent: 27mm)
Exposure Time: 3.000 s
Aperture: f/3.5

ISO Equiv.: 100

Whitebalance: Auto

Metering Mode: matrix
Exposure: shutter priority (semi-auto)


Cath said...

The second crop is more dramatic - focuses attention on the vertical lines of the church. But they're both lovely.

Non said...

I like the first one