Sunday, April 01, 2012


Dynjandi is a spectacular and justly famous waterfall in the West Fjords. The name can be translated as The Boomer, which is apt, as it is very loud. I arrived at the site late at night and had no energy left to pitch my tent in the campsite, so I slept in the car.

I awoke the next morning stiff and cranky and in a hurry to get home and therefore I didn't give myself time to properly explore all the possible angles for photographing it. In any case the lighting conditions weren't at all good. I may go back there next summer and I hope I get better light then.If I do, the plan is to hike as close to the falls as possible and bring the big camera, a tripod and some patience.


Cath said...

What a wonderful place - I *have* to get there. And what an evocative photo.

Bibliophile said...

Thank you. It is an amazing place, with the loud roar of the falls and the water and mountains. All very beautiful.