Sunday, April 15, 2012

Earth colours

The Seltún geothermal area near lake Kleifarvatn doesn't have as many spectacularly beautiful hot springs as the Haukadalur area, but it is a great place to visit and experience boiling hot springs and bubbling mud pools in a landscape that looks primeval if you ignore the wooden walkways. The walkways are there to make sure no-one gets burned, as the area is geologically very active and springs and pools constantly appear and disappear and shift locations, and the hot stream that runs through it shifts its course occasionally.

Dry clay deposit flaking off the sand underneath looks reminiscent of paint flaking off a wooden surface:

The minerals deposited by the water make the ground look very colourful:

A hole left by a tiny fumarole adjacent to a sulphur deposit:

A mud pool looks almost as if it is inviting you in for a mud bath, but it is given away by the bubbles. 
It is actually scalding hot and dangerous.

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