Monday, April 09, 2012

A photo and a crop: boat reflections

You can't make some people happy. I posted this in a flickr group for critique and got complaints that it was too busy (which it admittedly is).

In reply to the comments I cropped it down to this - and got told people wanted to see the whole boats - which was what made the original busy to begin with.

Digital photo, Canon PowerShot A430

Had the commenters tried to articulate what was really wrong, they could have pointed out that I should have used selective focusing to keep the reflections and row of boats nearest to me sharp while throwing the ships and building in the background out of focus. It's too much work to do it in Photoshop, but the photo can be replicated photographically with little effort. (It is't possible using the point and shoot camera it was taken on, but is easy using an SLR). I might also I am try applying a tilt-shift effect to it in GIMP.

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