Saturday, May 12, 2012

Climbing the Spákonufellsborg

I have posted photos of Spákonufellsborg before. This majestic mountain rises 646 metres above sea level and can be seen from far off. 
The view from the top is fantastic. Here are some photos from a climb up the mountain:

The view from the top, showing the village of Skagaströnd:

Near the beginning of the climb. The climbers are following old sheep-tracks. 
The guide chose what is possibly the longest (albeit not the most difficult) route up the mountain, starting from the west. 
The easiest and shortest route begins on the north side.

Taking a break before setting off for the top.
The mountain in the background is the Katlafjall.

The view from the top down the ridge that must be followed to reach the top.
The top itself is level and about 4 hectares in size. 

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