Saturday, June 09, 2012

Geyser sequence

You need lightning reflexes to photograph the right moment of an eruption from a geyser with a single shot, which is why I recommend using the continuous setting (or whatever it is called on your camera). This setting  will make your camera continue to take photos while the shutter is pressed down. I also suggest using a tripod, as standing with the camera in the ready position while you wait for the geyser to oblige you with an eruption can be tiring for the arms and eyes.

Most people aim for the apex, but the progression of the eruption is interesting too. Here is a gorgeous photo of the beginning of an eruption.

On the day I shot the following sequence of Strokkur (The Churn), I shot several eruptions, but this was the biggest. 
My camera can shoot 5-6 frames per second, but I only chose the best of the sequence:

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