Monday, July 10, 2017

In view of Photobucket's decision to charge for third party hosting

As I see it, I have three choices: 
1. I can cough up the money to get my photos back on line (easiest, but I hate giving in to blackmail); 
2. I can move them to another free hosting service (lots and lots of work, and a risk that my photos may one day again be held hostage), or
3. I can delete the blog (quickest but most depressing choice). 

However depressing it might be, the last choice is looking quite tempting right now, because it entails the least amount of work, and I have moved on to other things, but on the other hand this blog was more than a way to show my photos to the world - it was a labour of love and a personal photo album and I would hate to lose all the work I put into it.

I need to think about this.

Edit: Just though of a fourth choice: Instagram. It even has a hastag for these kinds of photos: #latergram

I need to think about this some more before I make a decision. 

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