Digital creations

I love to play around with Photoshop and GIMP and the online photo manipulation toys and filters on fd's flickr toys and dumpr. Occasionally I post the results on the blog, but sometimes I come up with something that doesn't belong there but I want I show, so I plan to use this page for that.

Here we first have a series, the Alien Roses, so called because the original was altered using a GIMP filter called "Alien Map 2".

The original:

I uploaded this image to Flickr. During one of my coffee breaks at work I was sitting by the computer, looking through my flickr photostream and got an idea. I downloaded the original to my work computer, then went back to flickr and rotated it three times, saving each rotation on the computer. Then I opened fd's flickr toys and opened the Mosaic Maker toy and uploaded the photos, making two different symmetrical mosaics:

Alien Roses I

Alien Roses II

Then I decided I wanted to see how they would look as tiling patterns, so I did it again, this time with the two mosaics, and got this:

Alien Psychadelica I

Alien Psychadelica II

If you want to see how truly psychedelic they are, try setting them as your desktop background and choose "tile".