Iceland links

What it says in the header. Here I intend to collect all kinds of interesting links concerning Iceland. The first one, naturally, is to one of my other blogs: Icelandic Cooking, Recipes and Food.

By the way, I am open to giving travel advice about Iceland if you need it and can’t find it by other means. I can not answer questions about which hotels, tour agencies or car rental agencies I recommend as I never stay in hotels locally and don’t use travel agencies for local travel and nor do I rent cars locally.

What I can help you with is itinerary planning advice and information, information about much things cost, information about local transport, opening hours, events, and places to eat (and what local specialities to order once you’re there).

Just leave a comment under the newest post, and I will answer your query in a separate post (with relevant photos if I have them).

You can find my e-mail address if you know where to look (hint: try my food blog), but for this kind of query I prefer to answer publicly so others can benefit as well. I will edit out any personal information you may leave in the query comment (like email or last names) before I post it and the answer.

Icelandic food: A website that claims to contain information about almost every restaurant in Iceland.

Curiosities and places off the tourist track:

General travel information:
Visit Iceland. This is an official tourism information site, full of information about things to see and do in Iceland.

The Reykjavik Grapevine. An opinionated and often highly entertaining monthly publication in English.
Iceland Review. Magazine in English about Iceland.
Morgunblaðið. The news in English from Iceland's oldest newspaper.
The Weather in Iceland from the Met Office.