Photography links

Here I intend to post links to other photography websites and blogs. Remember to check back occasionally as I will keep adding links.

Iceland - photos of Iceland and photos by Icelandic photographers:
Let's start with some flickr groups:
  • Photos by Icelandic women - not all are of Iceland or Icelanders and the discussions  are all in Icelandic, but just look at the photos and enjoy them. See if you can find some of mine.
  • Icelandic photographers - another group for Icelanders, but again, it's the photos that matter.
  • Iceland - open to everyone, just photos of Iceland or Icelanders.

Photography in general:

Photoblogs and photographer websites:
  • La boite verte. A blog in French dedicated to collecting interesting photographs and images from all over the web. You don't need to know any French to enjoy it.

Photography projects:

Old photographs:

  • Black and WTF.Strange old black-and-white photographs.
  • Dear Photograph. Old photographs of people superimposed on the places they were taken, with nostalgic messages.Often quite poignant.

Photography websites - news, equipment, techniques and community:
  • Photography Corner. One of the oldest photography forums on the web. Contests, community and critique.

Specific photo tips and tricks:

 Post-processing (Photoshop, Gimp, etc.)
  • Faking a tilt-shift photo: with GIMP, with Photoshop. My camera has a basic tilt-shift software filter built in, but as soon as I take a good candidate photo I intend to try this effect in-camera and using both software programs on the same photo, and see which I like best.

Miscellaneous photography websites:
  • You are Not a Photographer. A blog dedicated to exposing bad photography and bad-post processing by people calling themselves professional photographers. Warning: Contains opinions, often mean, but also often deserved.